What is the Best Pomade for Men’s Hair

Choosing the best pomade for men’s hair is crucial for achieving a desired hairstyle that balances hold, shine, and flexibility. This comprehensive guide explores the different types of pomades, their ingredients, application methods, and the critical factors to consider when selecting the right pomade for your hair type and styling preferences.

What is Pomade?

Pomade is a versatile hair styling product used to create a sleek, polished look. It differs from other styling products like gels and waxes by offering a range of holds and finishes, making it suitable for various classic and modern hairstyles.

Purpose and Benefits

The primary purpose of pomade is to provide lasting hold and shine, making hair manageable and easy to style. It is ideal for achieving styles such as pompadours, slick backs, and side parts, offering more flexibility compared to gels and sprays which can make hair stiff and crunchy.

What Is The Best Pomade For Mens Hair
What Is The Best Pomade For Mens Hair

Types of Pomades

Oil-Based Pomades

Oil-based pomades are traditional formulations made from petroleum or wax. They provide a strong, enduring hold and a glossy finish, ideal for maintaining intricate styles throughout the day.

Pros: Exceptional hold and shine, long-lasting, ideal for vintage and high-shine styles.

Cons: Difficult to wash out, potential for build-up, may clog pores and cause acne.

Water-Based Pomades

Modern pomades that are water-soluble, offering easy washability without compromising on hold and shine. They are ideal for those who prefer a cleaner, non-greasy finish.

Pros: Easy to rinse out, non-greasy, versatile in hold and finish, often more scalp-friendly.

Cons: Can dry out over time, may require reapplication, less intense hold compared to oil-based pomades.

Hybrid Pomades

Hybrid pomades combine the best features of oil-based and water-based pomades, offering a balanced hold and shine with improved washability.

Pros: Balanced performance, moderate washability, suitable for various hair types and styles.

Cons: May still require a thorough wash, potential for moderate build-up.

Key Ingredients in Pomades

Petroleum and Wax

Role and Effects: These ingredients are the backbone of traditional oil-based pomades, providing a durable hold and high shine that lasts throughout the day.

Considerations: Hard to wash out and can leave residue, requiring stronger shampoos or degreasers to remove.


Role and Effects: Acts as the primary base in water-based pomades, making them easier to rinse out while still providing a flexible hold.


Ideal for those looking for a product that doesn’t build up over time and is easy on the scalp.

Natural Oils and Butters

Role and Effects

Ingredients like jojoba oil, shea butter, and coconut oil add nourishment, moisture, and shine to the hair, enhancing its health and appearance.


Beneficial for maintaining hair health, though the exact effects can vary based on the formulation and individual hair type.

Essential Oils and Fragrances

Role and Effects

Provide pleasant scents and can offer additional scalp and hair benefits, such as antimicrobial properties or soothing effects.


Choose based on personal scent preferences and any potential skin sensitivities.

Best Pomade For Mens Hair
Best Pomade For Mens Hair

Choosing the Right Pomade for Your Hair Type

Fine Hair


Opt for light hold, water-based pomades to avoid weighing down the hair while still providing adequate control and shine.


Suavecito Light Hold, Layrite Natural Matte Cream. These products offer a lighter touch that adds texture without making hair appear greasy or flat.

Thick Hair


Use strong hold, oil-based or hybrid pomades to manage and control the volume and maintain the desired style throughout the day.


Reuzel Pink, Uppercut Deluxe Pomade. These options provide the necessary grip and control to tame thicker, more unruly hair.

Curly Hair


Choose medium to strong hold pomades with moisturizing ingredients to define curls and reduce frizz without making hair too stiff.


Baxter of California Clay Pomade, BluMaan Monarch Matte Paste. These pomades help enhance natural curl patterns while providing a flexible hold.

Straight Hair


Medium hold pomades that add texture and shine without making hair look greasy or overly stiff are ideal for straight hair.


American Crew Pomade, Imperial Barber Classic Pomade. These products offer the right balance of hold and shine for a polished look.

How to Apply Pomade


Step-by-Step Guide: Start with clean hair, which can be either damp or dry depending on the desired style and pomade type. Towel dry your hair if you prefer a lighter hold and more natural look, or apply to dry hair for a stronger hold and higher shine.


Ensure your hair is free from other styling products to allow the pomade to work effectively.

Application Techniques

Scoop a small amount of pomade and rub it between your palms to warm it up. This helps in even distribution. Apply evenly throughout your hair, starting from the roots and working towards the tips.


Use a comb or fingers to shape your hair into the desired style. Adjust the amount of pomade as needed but avoid overloading to prevent a greasy look.

Finishing Touches

Tips for a Polished Look: Use a fine-tooth comb for sleek styles or a wide-tooth comb for more volume and texture. For extra hold, finish with a light mist of hairspray, especially if you’re aiming for an all-day style.

Popular Pomades on the Market

What Is Hair Pomade For Men
What Is Hair Pomade For Men

Suavecito Pomade


Water-based, medium hold, high shine. Known for its easy washability and versatility in creating various styles.


Offers a strong, all-day hold without the greasiness, and washes out with water alone, making it user-friendly.

Layrite Deluxe Pomade


Water-based, medium to strong hold, medium shine. Suitable for a range of hair types and styles, from classic to modern.


Provides a flexible hold that can be restyled throughout the day, with a pleasant vanilla scent that is not overpowering.

Baxter of California Clay Pomade


Clay-based, strong hold, matte finish. Perfect for adding texture and volume without shine, ideal for natural, tousled looks.


Adds definition and thickness to hair, making it suitable for all hair types, especially those seeking a natural, non-greasy finish.

Uppercut Deluxe Pomade


Water-based, strong hold, high shine. Designed for creating structured, high-shine looks that last all day.


Easy to restyle with a comb and water, making it ideal for classic styles and high-maintenance looks.


Choosing the best pomade for men’s hair involves understanding your hair type, desired style, and the properties of different pomades. Whether you prefer a sleek, shiny finish or a textured, matte look, the right pomade can enhance your grooming routine and help you achieve the perfect hairstyle. By considering factors like ingredients, hold, and washability, you can find the ideal pomade to suit your needs.

FAQ About What is the Best Pomade for Men’s Hair

What is pomade?

Pomade is a hair styling product designed to provide hold, shine, and flexibility, commonly used for classic hairstyles like pompadours and slick backs. It comes in various forms, including oil-based, water-based, and hybrid formulations.

What is the difference between oil-based and water-based pomades?

Oil-based pomades offer a strong, lasting hold and high shine but are difficult to wash out and can build up on the hair. Water-based pomades are easier to wash out, offer versatile hold and shine options, and are less greasy, making them more suitable for everyday use.

How do I choose the right pomade for my hair type?

For fine hair, opt for light hold, water-based pomades to avoid weighing down the hair. For thick hair, choose strong hold, oil-based, or hybrid pomades to manage volume. Curly hair benefits from medium to strong hold pomades with moisturizing ingredients, while straight hair works well with medium hold pomades that add texture and shine.

How do I apply pomade?

Start with clean, damp, or dry hair. Scoop a small amount of pomade, rub it between your palms to warm it up, and apply evenly throughout your hair. Use a comb or fingers to shape your hair into the desired style. Finish with a light mist of hairspray for extra hold if needed.

Can pomade damage my hair?

Using pomade in moderation and choosing products with beneficial ingredients can prevent damage. Avoid overloading your hair with product and ensure you wash it out thoroughly to prevent build-up. Regularly cleansing your scalp and hair will help maintain their health and appearance.

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